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5 Day Home & Heart Clutter Clearing Challenge
Let's clear out this year (and decade) in small fun baby steps together. 
Excessive Stuff & To Do lists take up space in our Home & Heart.
This causes unnecessary stress, anxiety, and energy leaks. 
Get your Authentic Self Groove Back this year
& Go into 2020 feeling Fresh, Clean & Clear!
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Home & Heart Clearing Invitation
Each Day we will Focus on two areas:
1) HOME CLEARING -Invest 5-30 minutes Clearing a small Physical Space in your Home or Car each day
Eg: kitchen pantry, linen closet, a shelf, drawer, shoe rack, desktop, etc.
* 2) HEART CLEARING -Invest 5-30 minutes Clearing in an additional Focus area each day as follows:
MONDAY: Mental -Energetically complete books & articles
TUESDAY: To Do List -Check one item off your 'To Do' list
WEDNESDAY: Emotional -Freedom Writing & Forgiveness
THURSDAY: Digital or Paper -Clear one file, folder or pile
FRIDAY: Financial -Pay a debt, balance your checkbook, budget
* In a daily 20-30 LIVE minute video lesson 
I will guide you on how to do the Heart Clearing Activity.
(Videos will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group) 

The 5 Day Clutter Clearing Challenge Includes:
 5 Live Inspirational Video Lessons
Monday-Friday, 12/9-12/13 - 8:15-8:40am (PST)
(**Plus a 'Get Fired Up' Video on 12/8 at 7:30pm)
* Home & Heart Clutter Clearing eBook
* Private Facebook Group Support
** Recorded Videos will be posted in the FB group
It's all FREE!!!

Contact Information
phone: 310.907.6846
Offer Valid: December 9, 2019December 13, 2019
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