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    It seems like there is an app for everything these days, right?
    BAMit is THE app a business owner, school, charity and active members in the community need to know about. BAMit is a fast growing, charitable, CASHback app helping people shop local, save money, live better and give back. Thru BAMit, businesses, schools & charities gain a connection that allows all parties to grow and thrive. Businesses feature a deal on BAMit offering CASHback, similar to an online coupon. The CASHback patrons earn by redeeming deals can be shared with the school or charity of their choice, boosting their fundraising capabilities. By working together and supporting each other, we can all reach new heights.
    For schools and charities, BAMit offers a modern, less intrusive approach to fundraising. Do you need to alleviate the perception of constant nickle and diming? Are you struggling with ask fatigue? BAMit is your answer.
    For businesses, BAMit generates increased sales & a stream of loyal, repeat customers. If you want to connect your business to our local schools, gain an online presence and take advantage of free social media posts, BAMit offers that and so much more. There is no investment to give it a try. BAMit is a modern tool helping you grow your business, support your community and develop a strong, loyal customer following. BAMit does the things you know you need to do to keep your business modern & relevant FOR you.
    Headquartered in El Segundo, we are close and happy to come show you what BAMit can do for you! Contact us at