GIS Consultant

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Monday to Friday; 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • About

    We provide geospatial services and solutions to small businesses and large-scale organizations. Utilizing ESRI centered suite of ArcGIS desktop products, web maps and mobile apps; we support GIS needs for sales; marketing; real estate; insurance; emergency preparedness; public safety; utilities; transportation; land use; archeology; healthcare and environmental industries within public and private sectors.

    If you want to:

    o Know where your potential customers live, work, and shop
    o Find current competitive trends in your target sales area to make best marketing decisions for your products
    o Analyze customer demographic data to forecast suitable locations for profitable store sites
    o Showcase your best properties with attractive maps and interactive apps that stand out from the crowd
    o Engage citizens to help locate homelessness, drug addiction, health issues within your community
    o Share real-time situational awareness dashboard within and outside your agency during fires, earthquakes; hurricanes
    o Equip field staff and volunteers to collect mission-critical data with or without internet connectivity during emergencies
    o Illustrate your important work with interactive web-maps and infographics

    Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation. Digital maps and apps help better understand location-based factors that drive growth, uncover hidden opportunities and give you an added advantage over your competitors. Call 805-573-4870 or email us at