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August 16, 2022

BBSA is thrilled to announce it has earned Green America's Green Business Certification. Green America's Green Business Certification is awarded to small to mid-sized businesses that are committed to using their platform for positive social and environmental change and growing the new green economy from the ground up. 

BBSA is now a certified member of the Green Business Network® (GBN), a distinguished group of companies that have laid the groundwork for the green economy and for bringing it to scale.  

Founded in 1982, the Green Business Network is the first network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country.

To be considered for Green America’s Green Business Certification, businesses must complete an assessment to ensure they meet Green America’s standards for the environment, community, labor, and governance. Green America certifies businesses in dozens of different industries using industry-specific assessments.

BBSA is known for its green innovations, demonstrated by their reforestation pledge to plant one new tree for every client that they onboard, personalized with their name, marking their partnership with the eco-strategy. There is no limit on how many trees they are willing to plant, and their goal is to have planted 10,000 trees by 2030. 

“We are incredibly excited about this achievement,” said BBSA CEO, Anna Stella. “Fighting climate change is something we can't wrong, as the consequences of inaction would be devastating for the next generation. We cannot afford to wait for the world to reach net-zero; those of us that can move ahead and accelerate the process must continue to do so.” 


Green America awards Green Business Certification to businesses that are:

·       Environmentally responsible in the way they source and manufacture products and run their operations and facilities;

·       Socially equitable and committed to strong practices that benefit the well-being of workers, customers, suppliers, and the greater community; and

·       Accountable for their work by continually improving and operating with radical transparency in every facet of their business.


About Green America's Green Business Network®: 

Green America's Green Business Network® (GBN) is the first network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country. Since 1982, GBN has led and innovated in the green business and social enterprise field. It is home to both rising social and eco enterprises and to the most established green businesses around. GBN provides the tools, the information, and the consumer base to help small green businesses and social enterprises thrive in today's competitive green marketplace. Learn more at 

The Green Business Network is a program of Green America®, the nation's leading nonprofit organization working to build a green and just economy. 

BBSA is a marketing outsource agency operating 24/7 globally, providing innovative marketing and constantly creating new ways for clients to develop their business activities, aiming to increase sales and profitability and helping businesses achieve their marketing and business development objectives. They boast experience working with many key market sectors across the United States, Australia, and Europe and are specialized in delivering a full range of marketing services.

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Learn more about Green America's Green Business Certification and Standards here.



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