Endpoint Management Made Easy for the Office

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October 23, 2019
Bacon Unlimited, the new cross-platform, remote endpoint management and monitoring platform, launches for general release November 1, 2019
(Los Angeles, California – October 22, 2019) IT Support, meet Bacon—the game-changing software platform you always knew you needed. In the world of information technology, industry experts understand that the only way to work more efficiently is with a faster, smarter tool. So why is it that many popular IT support tools are only questionably effective? Until Bacon Unlimited.
The big players in configuration management software and system monitoring tools cause almost as many problems as they solve. Users are forced to utilize multiple tools to manage different operating systems, to hop in and out of different platforms depending on if they’re monitoring machines or patching them, and—worst of all—to waste time learning to use clunky, frustrating software that can only execute a small percentage of the tasks they need to complete.
Now, all you need is Bacon.
Bacon is the only cross-platform, remote endpoint management and monitoring tool on the market. Through Bacon, system administrators can perform both basic and advanced administrative tasks that would otherwise be tedious, time-consuming, or unnecessarily complex. Bacon was Made by IT people for IT people™ to fill the need for an efficient automation and management platform, allowing IT professionals the freedom to work smarter, not harder.
The best way to see how Bacon can impact your success is by seeing it in action, and the Bacon team did just that this past month with a Live Webinar on October 1 and a table demonstration at the L.A. Tech Summit on October 9. At both events, Bacon fanatics were born and the Bacon Street Team gathered new followers. From piggie stress balls to sticker business cards, everyone who attended the webinar/expo left with Bacon goodies (just search #showyourbacon!) and excitement to try this new platform—and with general release scheduled for November 1, 2019, they can try it soon.
As one attendee said, “Bacon sounds too good to be true!” But everyone who watched the demo quickly realized that Bacon Unlimited is a real as it gets.
Learn more about the revolutionary platform that was Made by IT people for IT people® by scheduling a personalized demo at www.baconunlimited.com / 888.715.0003 / admin@baconunlimited.com
For those that missed the live Webinar hosted on October 1, 2019 you can watch the video recap hosted at www.baconunlimited.com. During this webinar video, you can see:
  • Bacon’s easy-to-use interface
  • Management and monitoring of system health and configuration
  • Multi-machine patching through Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Install and uninstall packages
  • Scripting platform, with set scripts for common admin tasks and the creation/upload of custom scripts
  • Additional features to be launched in version 1.4
It’s time for your business to no longer be bogged down with clunky, glitchy systems. It’s time for Bacon.
Questions? Contact Bacon Unlimited today at 888.715.0003 / social@baconunlimited.com
Everything’s better with Bacon.®
Bacon Unlimited is located in Los Angeles, CA and is a company of technological professionals dedicated to the success of IT support and the innovation of IT support tools.