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About Us

Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy (GKWFA) is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation. We teach math and science through aviation, introduce high school students to aviation careers, and provide career flight training. Our program pays special attention to increasing the participation of minorities and women in aviation.

Data shows that students learn far more effectively with concrete applications for their subject matter. Our program allows students to apply the algebra, geometry, earth science, chemistry, and physics that they learn in core and elective classes within the engaging context of aviation. Young adults never have to ask, “when am I ever going to use this?” when learning as a part of our programs.

Through activities such as industry field trips, guest speakers, and other aviation events, our inspiring programs build bridges between young adults and relevant aviation job opportunities today and tomorrow.

Our systematic learning pathways include the option for thorough training in the cockpit, which empowers our students to achieve numerous FAA ratings. This gives young adults a huge step up when pursuing higher education and careers in aviation.

We are passionate about increasing opportunity and achievement in education and professional aviation fields by cultivating the participation of young adults in demographics historically underrepresented in aviation. GKWFA aspires to be a social justice leader in aviation.