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    Helping my clients alleviate their stress and pain so they can live happier and more productive lives.

    Do you struggle with pain and stress that just won’t go away? Perhaps you have tried many different approaches, but can’t seem to find long term relief? Or maybe you’re frustrated with complex challenges like these.

    Chronic Pain
    Stress and Tension Related Issues

    You’re not alone. When you’re suffering from chronic conditions you need more than symptom relief, you need gentle solutions that help you release long held patterns of pain and stress at the source. What does all this mean to you?

    Freedom From Pain
    Better Sleep
    The Ability to Relax and Enjoy Your Life More
    The Skills to Deal With Everyday Stress More Efficiently

    My business grew from my personal experiences, I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. I had given up all hopes of finding anything that would help relieve my symptoms, but then I found Polarity Therapy and after just a few sessions I have found permanent relief.

    Now as a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner I work with the body from the inside out. It’s a gentle hands-on approach that releases tensions in the central nervous system so the entire body can relax and self-correct.