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About Us

Vectis is a national public relations and public affairs firm. Vectis represents the interests of public and private corporations, entrepreneurial start-ups to non-profits, philanthropic foundations and local agencies seeking to engage leaders and move the needle of public opinion, forge collaborative solutions to complex challenges, create diverse coalitions, and mobilize action for real and lasting change.

Headquartered in California, with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and Washington, DC, Vectis Strategies is the only firm with founders from both sides of the aisle that have longtime bipartisan ties with the California Congressional Delegation, the largest in the United States.

The founders of Vectis Strategies have served in roles as diverse as high-ranking Members of Congress, the Chairman of a US Presidential campaign, Chairman of the California Democratic Party to a Mayor in San Diego County, a senior executive in one of the nation's ''Top 10'' PR firms and as Chief Corporate Officer of a multi-national company.

Vectis is the Latin word for ''leverage.'' At Vectis Strategies, we understand how to successfully and properly apply leverage in public relations, government affairs and business development.

For more information please visit or call (213) 973-4113.